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Slippery Slime Licker

Slippery Slime Licker

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Get ready to take a wild ride on the tongue-tingling train with "Slippery Slime Licker" Green Apple Candy! Hold on tight as this zesty, green apple goddess sends your taste buds into a flavor frenzy!

Dare to take a lick and feel the slippery, slime-like texture coat your tongue with a burst of tangy delight. It's a candy experience like no other – gooey, wiggly, and oh-so-satisfying!

This isn't your regular candy; it's a green apple adventure that'll keep you coming back for more. Share the slimy fun with your friends and watch as their faces light up with every lick! A favorite for games and giggles!

With every twist and slurp, you'll find yourself addicted to this lip-smacking, slippery sensation!

Style: Jolly Rancher - Apple

Remember, every woman needs some warming up - so ensure you go slowly at first - show off your skills!

Add a Suction Cup to your candy to stick to any hard surface - hilarious addition for stag/staggette parties or coming of age - or if you or someone you know needs a bit of extra practice.

Serving Size: 1/2 of Vulva
Calories: 70

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